Decided to look up the top most venomous snakes and-




Calm down Australia

Don’t act like this is shocking.

Good on ya ‘straya!

Man getting sick and losing my phone in one morning… is probably up the list on the shittiest mornings I’ve ever had

5 things I've learnt in my relationship concerning my depression.


1 - They will probably think they can fix you. It’s going to take them a little while to understand that they can’t, that it’s a bad idea to make you promise stuff and that you don’t expect them to fix you.

2 - They wont always know what to do, so if rubbing your back during a panic attack helps…

There’s 2 sides to every story :)

Feeling slightly defeated.. but how can i ever give up hope?

Lord i know you got my back, i know you are here for me even when i haven’t picked up my bible in forever.. that don’t really change the way you feel for me.

Teach me determination, teach me how to love, teach me patience so others might see your goodness in me..

*sigh ahh its so hard.. so easy to just be ‘bad’